Other Members

The DAT team leaders would like to acknowledge our amazing team of volunteers who have helped launch this project and continue to support it in so many ways! We couldn’t run our workshops without the enthusiastic help from this diverse bunch of passionate and dedicated people. All of you are so integral to the success of Doctors Against Tragedies. Thank you!!!!

  • Lindsay Delmar – DAT Communications
  • Dr. Adrianna Woolsey – DAT Communications
  • Meyy Arunachalam – Presentation Designer
  • Dr. Austin Ho – Educational Resource Development
  • Robert Lederer, BA, MDes, IDSA
  • John Bellerose – Website Designer
  • Blake Fillion – An everyday comedian and fabricator
  • Jill Cameron – Artist 
  • Cameron Cattell – University student
  • Heather Cattell – University student
  • Bailey Miskew Nichols
  • Chris Douglas RN, Acute Pain Service University of Alberta Hospitals
  • Dr. Kristin Radtke
  • Damaris Gaete Ortega RN
  • Samantha Kuchera-Warawa RN
  • Dr. Nic Amyotte
  • Dr. Roderick MacArthur
  • Jack MacArthur
  • Dr. Igor Sobolev
  • Dr. Surita Sidhu


Interested in becoming a member? Please send us a message!