Dr. Cheryl Mack

BSc. Hons, MD, MA, FRCPC

Position:  Pediatric Palliative Care (Assist Program) Department of Pediatrics, Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, University of Alberta, Chair, Clinical Ethics, Stollery Children’s Hospital, Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, and WCM Health Sciences Centre

Dr. Cheryl Mack is a pediatric and adult cardiothoracic anesthesiologist who has recently joined ASSIST. ASSIST is a team of physicians, nurses and psychologists who support pediatric patients and their families when they are facing serious illnesses or have complex medical needs. She is a PhD candidate in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Alberta. Her interests include clinical bioethics, administrative ethics, international healthcare development, and physician wellness. She is the former lead for the undergraduate medical school ethics and law curriculum within the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. Her current academic interests include building a perioperative palliative care and communications curriculum for postgraduate medical learners. She is the communications and social media lead for the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society Section for Environmental Sustainability @CAS_EnviroSus 

Dr. Mack’s ethics blog can be found at www.thefaceoftheother.com

  1. Where were you born? Regina, Saskatchewan
  2. What university did you go to? My undergraduate degree was from the University of Regina and medical school was through the University of Saskatchewan. My training in anesthesiology was from the University of Alberta.
  3. What are my favorite activities? Hiking, cross-country skiing, in-door climbing, skating and cycling
  4. Any hobbies? Yep, quilting, knitting and reading fiction of all genres.
  5. Favorite movies? Anything with superheroes!
  6. Major obsession? Caffeine is my lifeblood and chocolate makes my heart sing.
  7. Favorite food? I love all food, better to ask what I won’t eat….
  8. Favorite snack? Popcorn with butter and truffle salt (ok I am a bit of a princess)
  9. Favorite sports team? Of course, the Saskatchewan Roughriders! Go Riders!
  10. What are your life goals? Life goals? At my age its more appropriate to ask about retirement goals…


  • Why the picture of Beaker for Dr. Mack?
    Huh??? That is a pic of Dr. Mack… post call after an all nighter in the cardiac operating room.
    Is this one better?
    Oh wait that’s another post call pic again…
    I guess all we have are post call pics of Dr. Mack.